Illustration We Love: Wakana Yamazaki

Welcome to the completely nutty and very colourful world of Wakana Yamazaki! Having stumbled across her artwork on Instagram, we had to feature the Tokyo-based illustrator on this here illustration blog. It was really hard to choose the images to feature here because if you spend any amount of time on her website you will get lost in a world of hilarious wobbly characters, scary monsters and naked ladies and will find it hard to leave.

Wakana Yamazaki - Book cover illustration

Wakana Yamazaki book cover illustration

Wakana Yamazaki - Kung Fu Cheers



Wakana Yamazaki - Youkai

Weird Japan Series「dragon」


Wakana Yamazaki - Weird Japan Series - Octopus

Weird Japan Series「octopus」


Wakana Yamazaki - Tiger



Wakana Yamazaki - Ukulele design
Wakana Yamazaki - Ukulele design

Ukulele design

We’re all about fun here at YUK FUN towers and it doesn’t get much more fun than Wakana’s work! We love the way it looks like she is playing games with lines and colours and really enjoying the process. Have a read of a nice little interview with her on Booooooom, where she discusses Seymour Chwast, natto rolls and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Wakana will be holding a solo exhibition in L’illustre Galerie LE MONDE in Harajuku from Tuesday 22nd-27th August 2017. Later in 2017 a compilation will be released containing her comics and original works through French publisher misma editions.

Wakana Yamazaki - Science Museum

Science museum “Large Outlook Exhibtion” poster


Wakana Yamazaki - Jungle Man

“Jungle Man”


Wakana Yamazaki - B-Movie

“B-Movie”Wakana Yamazaki - Creepy comicSection of “Creepy” comic volume one


Wakana Yamazaki - Pandora's Box comicSection of “Pandora’s Box” comic


Wakana Yamazaki - Risograph Poster

Risograph print poster published by Tan & Loose Press


Wakana Yamazaki - Folding Girl

“Folding Girl”


Wakana Yamazaki - Sword of Dragons

“Sword of Dragons”


Wakana Yamazaki - Rotation



Wakana Yamazaki - Mad Cats

“Mad Cats”


Wakana Yamazaki - Christmas


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