Music Video Friday: Mild High Club – Windowpane

Eyyyyy it’s Music Video Friday once again… this week we’re screening “Windowpane” by Los Angeles slack funksters Mild High Club at the virtual YUK FUN cinema. We probably should’ve posted this a few days ago when it was Halloween because this viddy is a little bit creepy with some interesting make up and creative usage of latex (or is it PVA glue?).  Mild High Club are actually a man called Alexander Brettin (the chap with the propeller baseball cap in the photo) and have released a newish album (“Skiptracing“). This song is from their previous album, but it’s our favourite music video of theirs because it’s funny and the song is very hypnotic and has a lovely Stereolab-esque organ bit in it. We’ve been enjoying both of their albums in the studio lately, floating along on the floaty waves of wobbly guitars and dreamy vocals. If you like this one, have a listen to “Skiptracing”, our favourite song from their newish album of the same name – it’s a relaxing watch.

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