Music Video Friday: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-love

We really like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and their spooky, psychedelic ways. Multi-love is the title track from their new album and Lionel Williams has directed a suitably dreamy video to accompany it. It’s a little bit like playing a very trippy video game made in the early 2000s with some serious glitches that happen to fit very satisfyingly with the music. The video is also available as “playable interactive environment” in which you can wander around inside the world created for the video, which is pretty fun (see the show more section on youtube, below the video).

Here are a few words from Lionel Williams about his creation, quoted from the Jagjaguwar blog.

“It is meant to represent the vacuum of space by impressing upon inter-dimensional unfolding, immaterial objects, and time-driven reverberation of events. The virtual space allows for most 3D objects to trail in time – based on the directions one moves. You can construct & paint the objects in space to stretch them in any direction, to create infinitely vast compositional spaces.”

We highly recommend watching this with headphones on in a darkened room…

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