Music video Friday: Udi Baba

Asha Bhosle – Udi Baba from Vidhaata (1982) The first instalment of our weekly music video series is Udi Baba from the film Vidhaata. We haven’t actually seen the whole film but this sequence is pretty mind-blowing. Sinister, dream-like and incredibly funky. Who is the mysterious […]

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Big fun show: Food Party

Food Party is a very surreal American comedy cookery show presented by Thu Tran. This is our favourite episode and features bird puppets, the devil, a character called Yolk-O Oh No and wonderful lo-fi special effects. We especially love the shoot out and the resulting […]

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Inspiring places: 彩虹眷村 Rainbow village, Taiwan

This village in the outskirts of Taichung, Taiwan was completely transformed by Huang Yung-fu (aka Grandpa Rainbow) using brightly coloured paints. The colours and the designs are amazing! Photographs by Steve Barringer via Oddity Central

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