Shaketober 2018

We love a drawing challenge and last year (yeah I know it’s taken us this long to blog about it) Shake Bristol asked us to be a part of their month long drawing challenge; Shaketober! If you don’t know Inktober is a really great drawing challenge on every year in October and Shaketober is the Shake Bristol version.

Shaketober 2018 drawing prompts

The theme was National days and we given two dates and a list of different days to pick from. We picked Feral Cat Day and Global Handwashing Day.

A feral cat character on their way out and about
Feral Cat Day by YUK FUN
Small animal characters wash a giant orange hand
Global Handwashing Day illustration by YUK FUN

Here’s a selection of drawings from the other days we joined in with:

Coffee brewing
A doctor bunny tries to reanimate another bunny character drawing
Drawing of two furry characters driving in their sports car
Drawing of a farmer on a horse and cart full of apples
Drawing of a chef sharpening their knives
Drawing of a furry character sitting on a bench high on the hills looking out onto the landscape
Sketchbook page of two characters
Sketchbook page by YUK FUN
Drawing of a fun gang of people
Sketchbook page by YUK FUN
Timelapse of Patrick drawing Handbag Day
Sketchbook sketches of pierogi characters by YUK FUN
Drawing of kids playing music
Drawing of a badger on its way to the allotment
Double page sketchbook spread by YUK FUN
Sketchbook page of a smoking bird by YUK FUN
Does this bird guy seem familiar to you? He’s the inspiration for our Bird riso postcard!

Doing a drawing challenge every day can easily become overwhelming especially if you’re juggling work and/or study as well. Our top tip is to set a particular time each day for drawing and try to stick to it. But don’t worry too much if you miss a day, it’s supposed to be a fun challenge! Use it as a chance to generate new ideas or maybe a way to experiment with a new material.

Follow us on instagram to see what drawing challenges we do this year and let us know in the comments which ones you’re doing.

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