Behind the scenes: Colourful fashion photoshoot with Kaleido Shoots

We have come to the realisation that we have no idea what half the buttons on our DSLR mean, so for a recent photoshoot we enlisted the services of Brighton based duo Kaleido ShootsKaleido Shoots are Lucy and Veronika; we met Veronika at a local market we did a couple of years ago so we decided to contact her when we needed photography help. We picked a nice bright yellow fabric for a backdrop to make our clothing pop for a colourful fashion photoshoot and headed to the Kaleido Shoots studio. We had an awesome time watching the pros at work!

Lucy and Veronika of Kaleido Shoots at work

Our models were Jenny Tang and Theo Goodyer – both excellent illustrators who came to our aid when we did a call out for models. Jenny is an illustrator based in High Wycombe who makes comics & zines, embroidered patches, riso prints and more! Theo is an illustrator based in Brighton who makes comics and is part of Planet Munky who exhibited at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017.

Jenny and Theo wearing matching YUK FUN Fluff Buddy sweatshirts
Jenny and Theo making phone calls in their matching Fluff Buddy sweatshirts.

Lucy of Kaleido Shoots fixing model Jenny Tang's jeans at the YUK FUN photoshoot
Lucy making some improvised adjustments to Jenny’s jeans using a bulldog clip.

Theo pondering for a moment.

YUK FUN props
Selection of props we brought with us. Forgot to replace the ribbon in the typewriter so unfortunately no one could type any correspondence during the shoot!

Matching white trainers for Jenny and Theo for the YUK FUN photo shoot
Matching white trainers!

Pretty good getting another use out of some of the props we made for our film.

Theo is holding Patrick’s late Great Aunt Florence’s torch. Made in Hong Kong probably in the 1970s and still working!

Fluff Buddy jumpers for the win!

Jenny wearing a Skating is Life T-shirt by YUK FUN

Jenny wearing a YUK FUN Beach Hunk T-shirt
Nips on our Beach Hunk T-shirt hehehe (◍´͈ꈊ`͈◍).

Ooh arty

They could be a crime-fighting duo in this one…

Lucy and Veronika of Kaleido Shoots focussing.

Snappy snaps

YUK FUN Photoshoot with Kaleido Shoots

Thanks everyone! Special thanks to our models Jenny Tang and Theo Goodyer and to Kaleido Shoots for an awesome day! Follow us on instagram @yukfunwow to see more behind the scenes stuff.

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