Music Video Friday: Japanese Breakfast - Boyish

We watched this Japanese Breakfast video ages ago and meant to write a blog post about it and then completely forgot to! She was one of the people we were really looking forward to seeing at End of the Road last year but she cancelled unfortunately. In a huge twist of fate, she is performing at The Great Escape festival in Brighton in May so we will get to see her play after all! Woo!

Anyway, this is our favourite song by Japanese Breakfast, aka Michelle Zauner. It’s lovely and sad and the video is directed by Zauner herself. In an Instagram post about the song and video, Zauner said: “Boyish is a song that has gone through many transformations but ultimately it’s a song that’s simply about wanting to feel pretty & loved.” The video features Japanese Breakfast playing at a nice and dreamy high school prom. A girl and a boy exchange tentative glances and… you’ll have to watch it to find out the rest.


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