Music Video Friday: Plustwo – Melody

Here’s a super catchy synth-laden blast from the past by Italian group Plustwo. Don’t be put off by the chipmunk-style high pitched vocals in the intro, this song is pure 1980s Italo disco gold. It’s got a super smooth bassline that reminds us of Imagination, cool synthesised handclaps, a keyboard solo, a guitar solo and a charming bit of piano that keeps it all together nicely. Like all of the best stuff on Youtube, the video looks like it was originally recorded on VHS and features some enthusiastic dancing and interesting outfits. According to the excellent Beat Electric blog you can get a copy of the 12″ single if you are willing to search the far reaches of the planet and happy to stump up around £300.

This was recommended to us by our good friend and disco DJ in the north, Stuart Fear. You can go and dance to stuff like this at the night he co-runs in Leeds, Patterns on a Diamond Ceiling. Follow the link for some great mixes of Balearica, cosmic funk and soul, acid-soaked rock, spaced-out disco, afro beats, drug chuggers and freaky folk.

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