Gig review - Hollie Cook

On a horribly cold night last week we took the bus into Brighton to see Hollie Cook play at The Haunt. We have been enjoying Hollie’s music since she released her debut album back in 2011 so we were right pleased to get the chance to see her live. The show had been rescheduled due to one member of the band being ill so it ended up being the last gig of the tour. We wouldn’t have been able to make it to the original date so it was fate that we could go!

It didn’t take the crowd long to warm up once the band arrived on stage and kicked off a bass-heavy summery set of what Hollie has described as “tropical pop”. Her band were super tight and the sound man had done his job really well – everything sounded very nicely balanced. Hollie was promoting her third album, Vessel of Love and began the set with the album opener Angel Fire.

Hollie has a beautiful, clear voice that fits really nicely in to the laid back sound of her band. Although it was recorded in 2014 with a different band, this recording from KEXP gives a good idea of the live experience, minus the stomach churning bass!

We especially enjoyed hearing Shadow Kissing from Hollie’s debut album, as well as her excellent covers of The Shangri-Las (Remember [Walking in the Sand]) and Delaney & Bonnie (Groupie [Superstar]). It’s always nice to go and see someone who seems so happy to be on stage – Hollie was all smiles as she talked in between songs about how she had spent a lot of time in Brighton and written some of her songs here.

Hollie has plenty more live dates planned, including a return to Brighton in October – check out her website for a full list!

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