Illustration We Love: Chi He

Chi He is an illustrator and designer based in London who we met at a few art markets in London a couple of years ago. Her work is full of fun quirky characters that we are big fans of!

Watermelon cushion by Chi He

1. What are you up to these days? Are you still doing Gogos Chop Shop? Your watermelon cushion is still the best cushion in our house!

​​I am working as a designer for some animation projects which hopefully I can share with you guys very soon. That means Gogo’s Chop Shop is taking a nice break.  Thank you for having the watermelon. He is the happiest watermelon in the world!

Skipping strawberry animation by Chi He

2. What’s your typical day look like?

​I’m a regular 9-6 working hour kinda of person (and aim to sleep at 10 and wake up early. That just makes me happier and feel excited about the brand new day ahead)

If I’m freelancing from home, I will take breaks from work depends on when my laundry finishes. I usual start my day with a clean/wide desk and finishes work with cleaning up, too. (Sounds like a tidy-fanatic! Which really just more procrastination.)

3. What do you listen to while you’re working? Any recommendations?

Recently I listen to Kpop music. It keeps me going. I recommend to watch Produce101(프로듀스101) – “PICK ME”

You will find the extravagance of Korean groups!

4. We love your sketches! Do you always start your work with pencil drawings or do you also work digitally? Can you talk us through your work process?

​Thank you and I love YUK FUN doodles, too! (BIG UP Patrick) I like to use good old pencil and paper. But recently I start to stick to my Ipad with Procreate. It’s quick and easy to use. So it’s good for daily doodles. My work process is start with a sketch. I use illustrator to adjust proportion/colour and finish it off. I usually spend lot of time on concept and sketch. The artworking bit is quite fast.

5. Have you got any big projects or fun plans coming up?

​I’m going to Bologna Children’s Book Fair this year and hopefully to explore more about children’s book area. Let’s see what the trip will take me.

6. You live in London, do you have any favourite places/spots to hang out?

​Broadway market
​Gosh comic shop
The Museum of Childhood
Dover Street Market

Dog ice cream illustration by Chi He

7. Whose work are you admiring at the moment? Anyone/thing you want to big up?

​Not sure who that is but I’m a fan of the Winter Olympic Google Doodles!

Big up to my all time fav Kitty White!

Click through above to see some sketchbook pages Chi kindly shared with us. See more of her work on her website and find her on twitter @chiduohe and instagram @chihe.

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