Illustration We Love: Tom Ashton-Booth

As well as artists, we’re going to be blogging about our favourite illustrators over here on the YUK FUN blog.

We thought we’d kick things off with someone we actually know. We met Tom Ashton-Booth about ten years ago when we were studying in Leeds. As well as being one of the kindliest people we’ve ever met, he is also a dedicated doodler and talented image-maker. He is currently residing in East London having grown up in Worcestershire and loves Northern soul dancing, vintage Vespa riding and consuming vast quantities of sugar.

Tom Ashton-Booth - Good morning Mr Magpie

Good Morning Mr Magpie – self initiated project

As you can see, Tom is a fan of bold, bright colours and has an amazing ability to produce objects from paper that look crisp, clean and strangely perfect.

Tom Ashton-Booth - Paper vegetables

Tom Ashton-Booth - Paper vegetables

 Paper vegetables – self initiated project

Tom has produced work for some big clients, such as FHM, Sainsbury’s, Natwest and John Lewis amongst others. As well as using paper, he builds props using a wide variety of materials including fabric and wood to create fun, playful images.

Tom Ashton-Booth - FHM Snow days

FHM Magazine – Snow daysTom Ashton-Booth - Garden Birds

Tom Ashton-Booth - Garden Birds

Garden Birds – self-initiated project

Tom sent us some sketchbook page scans –↑ click on the thumbnails above  to see his brilliant doodlings. One of our favourite things about meeting up with Tom is flicking through his sketchbooks – they are chock-full of fun little characters, clippings and graffiti-style typography.

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