Illustration We Love: Júlia Farkas

Júlia Farkas is an animator based in Budapest, Hungary. We came across her work via gifs on Instagram stories and somehow realised she had made this funny little squirrel gif we like using. She makes quietly strange animations that we’re big fans of. We were interested to find out more about her work and process so she kindly answered some questions for us.


Happy Flower Gif by Julia Farkas

1. Hi Julia, all we know about you is you’re in Budapest and that you make funny weird animations. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Julia Farkas, which means Julia Wolf. I live with the love of my life Gabor. and our dog Lupi (who is actually a wolfdog). I take the tram every day to the studio I rent with my friends. I love this inspiring environment! I love animals (except cockroaches and rats) and I easily get tipsy after one beer.

Thumbs up gif by Julia Farkas

2. What’s your work process like? Do you start with analogue sketching or do you go straight to digital?

I like to make a drawing of something really simple e.g. a foot. Then I try to figure out, how could I make it more interesting, what kind of funny thing could happen to this foot. I usually start sketching on paper then I develop digitally the most interesting drawings but after switching to digital lots of new ideas are coming to my mind.

Cat love gif by Julia Farkas

3. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to try out some animation? Where should they start?

I am quite experienced in this because I run an animation school with Amanda Hertelendi, it is called Hegyező and I also teach at MOME, so I meet lots of young people who are interested in animation. My advice is the following: be like a sponge!  Be open, observe the world around you and soak in everything. In the end, you will find what is really interesting for you personally and you will have an opinion on these things. It will give you the freedom to create.

Animated gif by Julia Farkas

4. What do you listen to when you’re working? Any recommendations?

I usually listen to electronic music.

If I have a spare screen, I enjoy watching Star Trek while animating. The repeating pattern in the stories of different episodes calms me down, but at the same time the characters are very exciting and the little details are full of creativity.

Working gif by Julia Farkas

5. Who are your current favourite artists/illustrators/animators?

I love classical art. Lately, the Brueghel exhibition in Vienna was super inspiring.

I love Taika Waititi’s films. I can totally identify with his spirituality, humor. He is just so cool!

And of course, David Attenborough is my all time favourite.

I also have numerous inspiring friends from Budapest:

Kata Lovrity

Bori Tompa

Zsuzsanna Kreif

Happy good morning gif by Julia Farkas

6. What’s going on in Budapest? Where would you take us on a little tour?

I would take you on a chill-out tour with lots of treats.

First a good coffee in Fekete Kutya (black dog bar), then we could go to my favourite bath Kiraly fürdő. Believe me, it is a hidden gem! The bath experience can make you super hungry, so a good Indian food is the best choice: Shalimar restaurant. During summertime, I would take you to Valyo beach to chill out on the bank of the Danube. We could take a ship for a late night picnic on the Margaret Island next to the singing fountain. Then I would take you to a ruin pub crawling. And next day a gallery visit accompanied by a little hangover: Supermarket Gallery.

Nose gif by Julia Farkas

7. What do you get up to when you’re not animating?

Currently I am working on a photography project with Dorottya Vékony:

I try to travel as much as I can and to hang out with my friends.

Thanks so much Julia! Budapest sounds awesome, who’s up for a road trip? Follow her on instagram @litopterna and giphy @juliafarkas. Also if you want to use her gifs on stories search “juliafarkas” and you’ll find them.

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