Music Video Friday: Danny L Harle – Broken Flowers

Ayyyyyy sorry it’s been a while since the last Music Video Friday, we’ve been too busy to blog, what with doing art fairs and Christmas markets for the last three weekends.

We heard this song for the first time at Brighton DIY Art Market. It came on during a bit of a lull in proceedings and immediately seemed to lift spirits in the room – people were dancing about behind their stalls with smiles on their faces. Since the market I had to google the lyrics to find out what it was and the tune has been firmly lodged in my brain ever since.

The song is by Danny L Harle, who’s one of those PC Music people you may’ve heard of. It’s as catchy as heck and you’ll surely love it, especially if you grew up listening to very poppy 90s dance music like I did. Broken Flowers was actually released in 2013 so we’re a bit slow to the party, but now we’re here we’re having a nice time. The video came out in 2016 and was made by AB/CD/CD. It’s about a sad-eyed worker daydreaming her way through a monotonous job at a printing place and features an annoying boss, malfunctioning machines, a smoky indoor jungle and a cameo at the end by Danny L Harle himself. Click click to check out his new EP, 1UL.

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