Brighton Illustration Fair 2017

A couple of weekends ago we were exhibiting our wares at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017. We had a fine time, rubbing shoulders some of the stars of the illustration/arty world (including David Shrigley, It’s Nice That and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk) listening to talks by the likes of Tuesday Bassen and most importantly buying stuff! YUK FUN at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017 YUK FUN at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017 YUK FUN at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017YUK FUN at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017A few shots of our stall, including some handmade signage by our Patrick. You can buy our stuff at our webshop.

Jordy's drawing club at Brighton Illustration Fair 2017

Just across the room from our stall was Jordy’s drawing club, run by the very excellent Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (he’s the fella in the orange shirt in the photo). We took part in one of the drawing games which involved drawing dinosaurs with a pen in each hand. See below for a video of some of the fun work produced at the workshop.

And here are the things we bought from everyone else at the fair!Ripples comic book by Wai Wai Pang“Ripples” comic book and “Lady in the Egg Hat” sticker by Wai Wai Pang. “Ripples” is a beautifully drawn detective story comic book – it was too intriguing not to buy! We haven’t read the book yet, but it has to be good!"Ripples" by Wai Wai PangSpecial drawing and personal message inside. The little dog character’s T-shirt says “Not Owen” because our Patrick keeps getting confused with Owen Gildersleeve.

Exercise book by Fern EleanorSuper cute exercise book with hand drawn decoration by Fern Eleanor

Handmade tote bag by Hiffy Ulrich Handmade tote bag by Hiffy UlrichHand made tote bag by Hiffy Ulrich. Love the colours on this!

"Little Red" by Bethan Woollvin“Little Red” by Bethan Woollvin. We thought this take on the Little Red Riding Hood story was too good to pass up! "Little Red" by Bethan WoollvinLittle note on the inside (note we erased the name of the person it’s “to” in photoshop so it doesn’t spoil their Christmas surprise!)

Calendar by various illustrators Collaborative calendar by Lauren Humphrey Collaborative calendar by Lauren Humphrey2018 collaborative calendar featuring work by Lauren Humphrey, Joe Lillington, Lizzy Lomax, Tim Harrod, Maria Suarez Inclan, Joe Mackenzie, Molly Martin, Michael Driver, Tatiana Boyko, Esme Lonsdale, Andres Lozano and Bridie Cheeseman. Each month is by a different artist and is printed with lovely riso colours.Cat Disco zine by Rebecca K JonesCat Disco zine by Rebecca K JonesCat Disco zine by Rebecca K Jones. If you’ve ever wondered what the cats in your neighbourhood get up to while you’re asleep at night, this is the book for you!

Thanks very much to the BIF organisers, we had a great time at the fair!

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