Lave o Amigão!

Here’s a little illustration we did recently for Brazilian penile cancer awareness charity Lave o Dito-Cujo. They asked us for an image that would help to encourage people to wash their penises because doing this daily greatly reduces the risk of penile cancer.

They wanted two versions, one featuring the Portuguese slang term amigão (buddy) and the other with our choice of English slang. Willy was already taken so we went with nob instead. Here are some of Patrick’s initial sketches.

Lave o amigão sketch by YUK FUN
Lave o amigão sketch by YUK FUN
Lave o amigão sketch

After trying out a few sketches we decided that the idea of a dog giving itself a good clean down below would be nice and humorous. As you can see in the sketch above we toyed with the idea of using some other words.

Lave o nob illustration by YUK FUN

And here is the English version. Check out the other illustrations that have been featured on the Lave o Dito-Cujo instagram.

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