How we done it: Skating is Life T-shirt

Hi blog lovers, here’s a little post about our Skating is Life T-shirt design.

At some point last year went through a phase of watching skateboarding videos on youtube and came across South Korean longboarder Ko Hyojoo. Her videos of skating through various cities are very satisfying to watch – she makes everything look so smooth and effortless.

Around the same time, we also came across the music of Fazerdaze (aka Amelia Murray) and wrote a Music Video Friday blogpost about their song Lucky Girl. Our second favourite song of theirs is Little Uneasy and features Amelia gliding along on a longboard in a similarly hypnotic manner to Ko Hyojoo. These videos inspired me to do some skateboarding-themed doodles in my sketchbook.

I started with some loose felt tip drawings of people skating, then moved on to drawing animals doing tricks. Skating is Life sketch by YUK FUN

Skating is Life sketch by YUK FUN

After a few sketches I was really happy with the two characters below, which I redrew and made into digital prints for our shop.

Skating is Life sketch by YUK FUN

Skating is Life sketch by YUK FUN

Skating prints

Our favourite of the two was the longboarding bunny girl so we decided to make into a T-shirt. I edited the design so it was just one colour, suitable for screen printing. Here it is!

Skating is Life screen printed T-shirt

You can find more of our sketches on instagram @yukfunwow and more T-shirts in the YUK FUN shop.

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  1. It’s really inspiring to get an insight into your process. The T-shirt is really graphic and bright, it definitely makes an impact. And thanks for the introduction to Ko Hyojoo, she’s awesome!

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