Illustration We Love: Olga Capdevila

Introducing super fun Barcelona-based artist, illustrator, animator and arch procrastinator Olga Capdevila. We came across her work on Pinterest – we saw the cover of her book La gota moja a la gata maja and had to have a closer look. We weren’t disappointed when we had a look at her website – it’s really nicely designed, with lots of beautiful work and interesting commissions (who wouldn’t love to decorate a room with glow in the dark ink!?). There are also some fascinating insights into the way Olga works, such as the page of little things she makes while she is procrastinating in between commissions. We also love her page of little gifs and the guestbook section of her website! As soon as we started writing this blogpost, one of our favourite creative blogs It’s Nice That posted a great article all about Olga’s new video for LA IAIA (see below). Go and have a read, it’s way better than what we would’ve come up with!

Be sure to take a look at the prints on Olga’s webshop and give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram!

Video for LA IAIA – Un i mig

Sant Jordi festival 2017, Barcelona

Packaging design and pattern for Les Topettes soap

La gota moja a la gata maja – a book in which the reader has to solve word puzzles by finding the vowel that changes the meaning of the sentence. In the example above “the water drop” is changed to “the nice cat”. Such a great idea!

Logo design

Animated gif for a personal project – see the rest here! 

Cuentos de la Navidad Dorada – Golden Christmas Tales

The fluor room – mural at Moscou club, Barcelona

Animated gifs for Flic Festival

Olga Capdevila Olga Capdevila Olga Capdevila Olga Capdevila Olga Capdevila Olga Capdevila Olga Capdevila Olga CapdevilaSketchbook work

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