We bloody love capybaras here at YUK FUN towers, so we’ve compiled the finest capybara related content available on the internet for your delectation. Enjoy!

An introduction

Who better to kick things off than the King of all animals, Sir David Attenborough. The BBC Nature website will tell you everything you need to know about capybaras and there are some short videos including one of Sir David and a herd of capybaras. Watch the Giant rodents video for Baywatch-style shots of capybaras legging it through shallow water in slow motion.


Daily Capybara A nice selection of good quality pictures of capybaras.

Photograph by Tenugui This hasn’t been updated since 2013 but is still well worth a look. Someone has spent a great deal of time finding pictures of Rafael Nadal and capybaras doing similar things…

capybarasthatlook Another tumblr blog that does what it says on the tin. That’s right it’s animals sitting on capybaras. We like how the capybaras don’t seem at all bothered about being used as vantage points or free transportation by a wide variety of wildlife.

Photograph by John Leverton


In this video many dozing capybaras enjoy being scratched by a man, then fall asleep.

Capybaras enjoying a wooden washtub bath. There is a meditative, relaxing quality to this video that will warm your heart to its very core. We also like the bit where a small capybara clambers into the bath, dislodging a bigger one.

A short documentary by Vice about Nagasaki Bio Park and the capybaras that live there, including pleasant shots of capybaras enjoying being scratched and taking a bath.

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