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Yes mate! We are super chuffed with our Yes Mate No Mate sweatshirt design but super bummed that a load of dodgy rip offs have started cropping up all over the internet on spammy e-commerce sites. We’ve seen this happen so much recently to other artists and it really sucks.

YUK FUN's sketchbook from Inktober 2017

Above is the original inspiration for our Yes Mate Sweatshirt; a drawing Patrick did during Inktober 2017. The prompt for that day was ‘Blind’ and when we were trying to think of new designs last year we kept coming back to this little dude riding his guide dawg.

Yes mate sweatshirt original idea sketches by YUK FUN

We toyed with various words until we settled on YES MATE and added the No Mate to the back when we finalised the design.

We hand screen print every single Yes Mate Sweatshirt ourselves in our home studio which we like to call YUK FUN Towers. See the above video for a sped up time-lapse of our screen printing process. It’s really important for us to do all the screen printing in-house as it means we have total control over the quality. And it’s FUN!


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After both sides of the sweatshirt (it says NO MATE on the back y’know) are printed we then heat cure them and sew in our YUK FUN labels. Then it’s time to make a fun GIF.

Yes Mate No Mate sweatshirt animated gif by YUK FUN

Due to popular demand we also screen printed a limited edition of pure NO MATE sweatshirts earlier this year. We made a fun gif for that as well.

No Mate sweatshirt by YUK FUN

The one and only original Yes Mate No Mate Sweatshirt is available to buy in our shop. Thanks for supporting artists! Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest if you’re interested in discovering other artists we love and admire.

Yes Mate! Or No mate! Sweatshirt by YUK FUN

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