Pencil Party sketchbook drawings

Here’s a peek into my sketchbook to see what the initial sketches for our Pencil Party kickstarter collection look like. Our first idea was to get some notebooks made up featuring a load of characters larking about with stationery. We liked the little drawings so much we thought they’d look great as a pattern for printing on fabric.

Not all of the characters made it on to the final pattern – we decided to keep it simple, avoiding complicated stuff like pencil sharpeners and staplers! I love sketching out ideas loosely with a mechanical pencil before refining the lines. I scanned the sketches in to our computer and traced over the lines so they’d be nice and bold, solid enough to work as a screen print.

Pencil Party pattern

Here are the characters cleaned up and arranged for exposing on the silkscreen.

Print detail on artist jacket
A close up of the denim dungarees printed with silver white ink

And this is what the characters look like printed on fabric! The kickstarter features dungarees, trousers, jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts and more!

Support our kickstarter now, it ends on midnight, 30th October!

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