Illustration We Love: Elliot Kruszynski

Here’s London’s very own Elliot Kruszynski and his cast of forever cheerful characters. We noticed Elliot’s work on Instagram and fell in love with his illustration style – the smooth lines, the warm colours and the sense of spontaneity and fun. Elliot is a member of Puck Collective, Niles Collective and is studio manager of Print Club London, so he is clearly a man who has his fingers in many pies – many tasty pies. Have a look at his wonderful work below and on his website.   Elliot Kruszynski - Ikea

Print Club London x Ikea workshop

Elliot Kruszynski - Narratively

NarrativelyElliot Kruszynski - Boots

Boots Soltan
Elliot Kruszynski - Cat screenprint

Cat screenprintElliot Kruszynski - EasyJet

EasyJetElliot Kruszynski - House

ScreenprintElliot Kruszynski - Screenprint


Most of Elliot’s illustration work is made by drawing with a tablet but he likes to get away from the computer screen from to make 3D wooden characters and screen prints. Here are some people he says have inspired and influenced his work Tove Jansonn, Tezuka Osamu, Miroslav Sasek, Richard Scarry, and Saul Steinberg. Here’s a link to a nice interview he did with Beach London.

Elliot Kruszynski - Art of Ping Pong

Contribution to the Art of Ping Pong exhibition at KK outlet

Elliot Kruszynski - Little wooden bro

Little wooden bro

Toys for an exhibition

Toys made for an exhibition at Christmas Steps Gallery in Bristol

Elliot Kruszynski - Post

PostElliot Kruszynski - Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up

Elliot Kruszynski - Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up

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