Illustration We Love: Rob Hodgson

Boy do we have a visual feast for you today! Here’s a selection of wondrous work by Bristol-based illustrator Rob Hodgson. His colourful illustrations ooze big fun, which is obviously right up our street. We got in contact with Rob and he has very kindly sent us some lovely pencilly sketchbook spreads (go all the way to the bottom of the post to see them).
Rob Hodgson - Little Boxes dogs

Little Boxes card range for U Studio

Rob Hodgson - Little Boxes coffee

Little Boxes card range for U Studio

Rob Hodgson - Ink'd

Ink’d (con)temporary tattoos for U Studio

Rob Hodgson - Musicians wrap

Musicians & Films illustrations for U Studio

Rob clearly has a great talent for taking any object in the world (e.g. biscuits, pebbles, planets, teapots) and whacking a great big happy face on it. At the same time, he can draw a great portrait, as you can tell from his Musicians and Films illustration above. In an interview with Crazy Animal Face he lists some of his influences: twentieth century artists such as Paul Klee, Henri Mattise, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and mid century American designers/illustators such as Alexander Girard and Paul Rand.


Rob Hodgson - Stars


Rob Hodgson - Woodman zen

Rob Hodgson - Woodman hat

Rob Hodgson - Woodman chalkman

Wooden toys

Rob Hodgson - Beavers

Project with Lovers agency – Beaver Scouts booklet illustrationRob Hodgson - Sharp & Blunt Pencils

Illustration and art direction for Sharp & Blunt pencils Rob Hodgson - Kool Kroc Skating

Kool Kroc Skating

Rob Hodgson - Monster book

Characters from Monster Kids Book, published by Laurence King Autumn 2016


Rob Hodgson - Funny Bugger Rob Hodgson - Funny Bugger Rob Hodgson - Funny Bugger Rob Hodgson - Funny Bugger

Characters for Funny Buggers zine, published by Jazz Dad Books

Sketchbook work

It’s good to see that Rob isn’t afraid to experiment with different materials and techniques, as you can see from his series of wooden toys and the variety of mark-making in his Funny Buggers zine.

If you want to follow Rob around on the internet, here are links to his twitter and instagram. Rob has some nice prints, zines and badges available to buy at his shop.






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