10 Buildings that would be fun to live in

Ok so we might not want to live in the really tiny ones (unless they were enlarged or we were shrunk to a suitable size), but I think we can all agree that these would all make wonderful additions to our property portfolios. Woo fun houses!

Fun cat building

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier (more pictures here), designed by Tomi Ungerer and Ayla-Suzan Yöndel in Karlsruhe, Germany

Fun face building

Mystery building, possibly somewhere in Egypt

Koala bear building

Giant Koala Tourist complex, Victoria, Australia

Swan staircase house

Mystery house with the finest of stairs

Toadstool house

Slightly scary-looking toadstool house

Owl ice cream kiosk

Hoot Hoot I Scream Ice cream kiosk, Los Angeles, USA. Sadly no longer with us. According to the internet, the head used to rotate 360 degrees and the eyes lit up.

Cat face shop

Slow Culture art gallery, Los Angeles. Temporarily painted to resemble Felix the Cat.

Face House

Face House designed by Kazumasa Yamashita in Kyoto, Japan.

Strawberry tomato shop

Tomato (or maybe strawberry?) shaped shop in Tokyo, Japan.

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