Buildings that look like things

Hey hey here are the funnest buildings we could find on the internet.

Strawberry house - Bom Princípio

Strawberry house – Bom Princípio City, Brazil.

Meitan Tea MuseumMeitan Tea Museum, China


The Face House - Inami Wakayama

The Face House in Inami Wakayama, Japan



Building in Languedoc-Roussillon, France (I think!)

Mystery funny face tower

Funny face building in Nuremberg, Germany


Church by the Sea in Tampa Bay, Florida

Church by the Sea in Tampa Bay, Florida


Best face house

This might be my fave but I don’t know what/where it is…


Nekozuka Cat Shaped Bus Shelter

Cat shaped bus shelter in Nekozuka, Japan. Photograph by Brian G. Kennedy


The Big Duck

The Big Duck, Flanders, New York, USA

 Mammy's Cupboard, Natchez

Mammy’s Cupboard, Natchez, USA


You can find more fun buildings on our Pinterest board: Houses, Buildings and that.

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