Music Video Friday: Belle and Sebastian – Perfect Couples

Here’s Belle and Sebastian with a video to sit back and watch as you enjoy a hot beverage. Clocking in at just under nine minutes long, it’s ideal for a nice little break at your desk/on your sofa/wherever the internet is.

The video was originally created as a backdrop to their live sets by The Forest of Black and consists of one fixed shot of a nattily decorated room where a house party takes place. An assortment of characters gradually enter and exit the room carrying out set movements and momentarily interacting with one another. The action slowly builds as the party gets busier until about midway through, when the whole cast join together for a nice group dance with some pleasingly wiggly moves. Our brains started to melt a bit from thinking about how much work and preparation must have gone into choreographing the whole thing in one shot.

The song is taken from Belle and Sebastian’s latest album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance, released on Matador.

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