Patrick’s illustrations for the Inktober 2017 daily drawing challenge

Patrick here, reporting on Inktober 2017. Inktober is a drawing challenge in which participants produce a drawing every day responding to prompts – day 18 was “Filthy” for example. I got up early every morning to do my sketching and inking. I stuck to one square sketchbook (convenient for Instagram photos) that I bought from Tiger and mostly did all of the inking with some fine paintbrushes that I haven’t used in ages. About three quarters of the way through I caved in and did some inking with a nice Zebra brush pen to save time. I rarely use Indian ink, so it was fun to have a dip and just stick to black and white instead of my usual bright colour palette. I felt like drawing every day helped me to sharpen up my drawing skills and would really recommend the challenge to anyone struggling to find inspiration.

Lucy’s favourite one is “Divided”. I think mine is “Mysterious” – I’d like to draw a little story about the character in that one day…

See if you can spot our black cat Dora trying to photobomb the sketchbook pictures!

See my drawings for Inktober last year here.



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