Music Video Friday: Boy Pablo – Everytime

When we first spied the link for this video on youtube we thought that perhaps it was a cover or a parody of a Mac Demarco song. The thumbnail of Boy Pablo in front of the water in the sun looks vaguely similar to some of the footage in Mac’s video for Another One. Er… and they both have names that sound a bit Southern European. So as we started watching it thinking it might be funny, we were intrigued and then thoroughly charmed by what we saw and heard.

Boy Pablo is actually an 18 year old chap from Norway who has a band with some of his pals from school. The video itself is pretty lo-fi, mostly featuring shots of the band squinting into the sun and smiling as they play their melancholy song. The song itself is lovely and catchy has been firmly lodged in to our brains for the last week! You can read more about the song and the band in this interesting article on Pigeons & Planes.


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