Draw Your Feelings


Draw Your Feelings is an art workshop run by artist Ruby Lou Hinton, based in Bristol. Draw Your Feelings creates a space to share thoughts and feelings through art and promotes positive mental health. It’s held at Rough Trade Bristol and supported by OTR which is a mental health support and information service in Bristol. We were lucky enough to be invited by Ruby to co-host the fourth workshop so far, with an animal theme.

Draw your feelings art workshop promoting positive mental health with YUK FUN

We played a couple of fun drawing games, a warm up drawing exercise where you have three pots of words written on bit of paper (one pot of animals, a pot of adjectives and one pot of objects) and you take one word from each pot. This threw up some very interesting results! Swipe to see drawings by Sam Schafer, Jon McNaught, Max K, Tabitha Panter and more.

We brought a big roll of plain wallpaper all the way from Brighton so we could play a game of giant exquisite corpse! This is one of our favourite drawing games and we thought it’d be really fun to make some BIG drawings. One person starts drawing the head, next person draws the torso and the last person finishes with the feet end.

We would really love to do more drawing workshops so get in touch if you have a space or an event you’d like us to come to! Thanks to Ruby for having us (AND hosting us at her house), you can keep up to date with her project here and on instagram @drawingyourfeelings_.


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